In honor of Yud Beis Tammuz JEM has released a previously unavailable Fabrengen fully subtitled!

 Yud Beis Tammuz 5737 including 8 Sichos and a Maamar spanning 4 and a half hours

Join Yeshivas, communities & summer camps around the world and make a public screening.

Below you will find material that will help prepare and follow the farbrengen. These include:  

  • English, Yiddish & Hebrew Kovtzim, each Kovetz include:
    —Full transcript of the farbrengen.
    —A detailed summary of each Sicha (appears before the Sicha).
    —The Sikum splits the Sicha in several sections and indicated how long each section is. 
  • A short article printed in this months  "A Chassidisher Derher" with an overview of the farbrengen.
  • To order the DVD from JEM click here.
And a sign that can be edited with the details for your screening in English & Hebrew. (the sign can be easily edited in Adobe reader, click here to download for free, click here to download the proper fonts)
To pick up Kovtzim (or buy the DVD) in the Vaad office (788 Eastern Parkway suite 400), or for any other help regarding the farbrengen, email vaad@vaadhatmimim.org or call / whatsapp 248-773-9185

  Click on the images for the text of the Hanachos, Article, & signs, in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

   hebrew sign.PNG           12 tamuz sign new.PNG               Hebrew sign                                      English sign



        farberngen cover photo.PNG                 farberngen cover photo.PNG

               Yiddish Sicha                                Hebrew Sicha 

                                 farberngen cover photo.PNG  

                                         English Sicha  


                           derher cover photo.PNG             

                                       Derher article