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Connect the Bochurim!

“We have never witnessed the Bochurim sit and concentrate so well and write a Sicha up so beautifully”
Rabbi Yosef Lustig, New Haven


"A tremendous יישר כח to the Vaad for this project..... It will surely propel the Talmdiim to listen and watch more of the Rebbe on their own initiative."
(Rabbi S.B. Halberstam, Chicago)


" had a tremendous effect on my son.... the excitement that he calls me.... he was listening to a Sicha and writing notes. It’s something I never could have imagined was possible. Thank you so much to the Vaad..."
(M.T., New York)




With Gimmel Tamuz rapidly approaching, Bochurim around the world are looking for ways to connect and find a meaningful Hiskashrus. It is not easy, as we approach 28 years.

Every one of us must take responsibility, and be there to help.

By contributing to the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, YOU will be giving meaningful tools and programming for the Bochurims Gimmel Tamuz, helping them stay connected and inspired with the Rebbe's Torah.

By giving $280, or a multiple thereof, you will be sponsoring the Vaads programming for Gimmel Tamuz, most notably the Mivtza Hanachos - of which you can see some feedback above.

You will also be a part of making the Vaad Hatmimim's new house near the Ohel ready for use for the Bochurim this Gimmel Tamuz.

Please give, and give generously!


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