This past Tishrei was one of unprecedented success, above and beyond all expectations. Every single facet of the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimims programming saw considerable growth.


Throughout Tishrei, the Vaad employed a wide range of innovative programs - catering to the thousands of bochurim spending Tishrei in Crown Heights - each designed to educate and inspire. Noticeable progress has been made in transforming the atmosphere. Tishrei has visibly developed into a time more conducive to strengthening one's connection to the Rebbe.

Below is a brief synopsis of our programming:

Food & Accommodations were provided for almost 1300(!) Bochurim over Tishrei, including three hot meals a day, hosted in our Kitchen "Seudas Eliyahu"; Shabbos and Yom Tov by families throughout Crown Heights; sleeping in donated apartments and basements, all cleaned regularly and maintained constantly.

Daily subsidized buses to the Ohel,. Buses to the Ohel for Shabbos and YomTov for the Bochurim who want, Buses to the Ohel for Tehillim on Hashana Rabba. Thousands were given this most important opportunity in an easy to access way, to what is most important to us as Chassidim. indeed, in the last couple of years, and once again, even more so this year, there has been visible growth in the number of Bochurim visiting the Ohel.

Full Sidrei Limud each day, Nigleh & Chassidus, with staff to answer all Sha'alos. Daily Nigleh Shiurim for Mesivtos. Every Bochur is marked, tested and reported to their Hanhala. Bochurim participated in a Mivtza Limud: they were awarded prizes of Seforim for their accomplishments in learning through the month, which they received publicly at the Tzeischem Lisholom.

The Vaad published 1500 copies each of: בחודש השביעי - the Rebbe's Sichos, Maamorim, Reshimos, Igros etc. on the meaning of each Yom Tov - 2 Kovtzim; קובץ לימוד - in Nigleh & Chassidus; 5 Kovtzim קובץ לחיזוק ההתקשרות - with tremendous information of various events by the Rebbe, and rare pictures from JEM;  18 editions of a daily newsletter - ליובאוויטש שבליובאוויטש, the Kovetz יחידה ביחיד about visiting the Ohel, 2 special editions of the newsletter, for Erev Yom Kippur - ברכת הבנים and Simchas Torah

Videos: 5 Pirsum Rishon Videos - 3 Videos taken by Levi Freidin of Tishrei 5736, 5741, and 5747; Plus 2 Videos of 5752, 6 Adar Rishon & Yud Shevat, A Video of the Farbrenegn Vov Tishrei 5742. Each Video was attended by an average of 6-700 Bochurim.

Farbrengens: 36(!) Farbrengens over the month - the highlight of the month for the Bochurim, by each Farbrengen the Mashpia gives over from Tishrei by the Rebbe, and how a Bochur can connect today.

Special Shiurim: by Rabbis Yoel Kahan, Avrohom Gerlitsky, Berel Levin, Simon Jacobson, Dovid Dubov, Yisroel Shimon Kalmanson.

Special Events & Panels: Throughout the month, the Vaad organized unique educational and inspiring events:

  • Panel: Tkiyos by the Rebbe: Rabbi Sholom Duchman, Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, Rabbi Yossi Kesselman
  • Presentation by Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin about the Rebbe's early years
  • Panel "The Rebbe's Niggunim": Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, Rabbi Nochum Kaplan, Rabbi Moshe Zaklikofsky
  • Talk by Rabbi Michoel Seligson about Yechidus 
  • Siyum Harambam by the Ohel: Rabbi Yoel Kahan, Rabbi Leibel Altein, Rabbi Zushe Winner, Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook
  • Talk by Rabbi Zev Katz about Rabbi Mentlick A"H
  • English language Panel "5738": Rabbi Yehudah Krinsky, Dr. Ira Weiss, Rabbi Yossi Groner, Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky

1000 Bochurim gathered in Beis Rivkah for a Bruchim Habo'im Evening - they viewed Video of the Rebbe, heard from Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, Rabbi Yoel Kahan, Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, and Rabbi Yaakov Katan. The Bochurim left on a high note looking forward to a Tishrei packed with Tochen.

1200 Bochurim attended a Tzeischem Lisholom Evening where they saw special Video of the Rebbe, and heard from: Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Rabbi Shalom Moshe Paltiel and Rabbi Moshe Wolberg. A special hit was the Chazan Tzvi Tzatzkes who sang by the Rebbe who came to sing the same songs for the Bochurim

Mivtzoim: The Vaad organized Mivtzoim for the Bochurim, complete with sets of Daled Minim and transportation during Sukkos, and on every Erev Yom Tov & Shabbos.