The Halikut program encourages Bochurim of Shiur Gimmel Mesivtas and Shiur Alef and Beis Zals in Yeshivos across America to take upon themselves to learn and memorize an entire Chelek of Likkutei Sichos during their free time.


The program is divided into two levels:

1.     Learning one Sicha each week during the twelve weeks of the program. Total of 12 Sichos.

2.     Learning three Sichos each week during the twelve weeks of the program.

Totaling the entire Chelek of Likkutei Sichos.


The Bochurim register to the level they wish to join and receive a prepared booklet with translations on uncommon Yiddish words and explanations when needed on the Sichos.


The participating Bochurim take a general test in their Yeshiva every 4 weeks on the studied material - A total of Three general tests.

Following these tests, the finalists prepare for the grand test on all the Sichos by Chazering all the material for three weeks


The grand test is taken at the Halikut Siyum which takes place at the beautiful Chabad House of Great Neck, NY on Yud Alef Shevat, where the Bochurim come together and get tested on all the Sichos at once. During the Halikut Siyum a special presentation on the Rebbe’s Sichos and a session on delivering a Sicha to a public audience is presented to the participating Bochurim.


The Bochurim who scored the Highest mark on the final test then compete in public on stage, tested by three distinguished Rabonim and Mashpiyim.


The winner of the competition receives the first-place prize of all the Seforim of the Rebbe’s Torah printed by Kehos.


The Halikut Siyum concludes with a Banquet dinner during which a special video presentation is shown about “the Rebbe’s appreciation to those who learned his Sichos”, Feelings shared by one of the Bochurim and a Mashpia, and ends with distributing the prizes to the Bochurim which passed the final test.


A public letter encouraging the Bochurim to participate in Halikut was signed by Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Chief Choizer of the Rebbe’s Torah, Rabbi Yisroel Friedman, Rosh Yeshiva of Oholei Torah Zal; Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, Mashpia of Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch – 770; Rabbi Leibel Altein, Director of Heichal Menachem center along with Signatures from the heads of the participating Yeshivos.