New Magazine Published in connection with Hakhel

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In honor of Shnas Hakhel, the Vaad Hatmimim published a special Magazine chock-full of stories, overviews, Sichos and letters covering the topic of Hakhel in great depth.

To view or download the magazine, click here.

New Kovtzim Published for Tishrei

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סדרת קובצי "לחיזוק ההתקשרות"

שיצאו לאור מבית ההוצאה לאור שע"י 'ועד תלמידי התמימים העולמי' - בחודש תשרי זה, ה'תשפ"ג - שנת הקהל.

א') תשרי 'תשמח ותשמח' בבית חיינו

ב') י"ג תשרי - מאה וארבעים שנה

ג') רשימות רבינו

 ד') אבינו רועינו

לחץ כאן

Over Tishrei, the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim published four incredible Kovtzim as part of the years 'Kovtzim L'chizuk Hahiskashrus' series, providing the Tishrei guests with much needed Chassidishe reading material that is both enjoyable and educational.

1) Tishrei 5748, Shnas Hahkhel, in 770 with the Rebbe.

2) 13 Tishrei - 140 Years - Marking the 140th Hilulah of the Rebbe Maharash with an overview on the background of the publishing of the Rebbe Maharash's Torah. 

3) Reshimos Rabeinu - featuring an extensive overview of the Rebbe's Reshimos.

4) Avinu Roenu - Illustrating the Rebbe's fatherly care and advice to Bochurim.

 You can view and download these Kovtzim by clicking here

Shluchim from 30 Yeshivos gather for Kinus

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Each year the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim invites hundreds of Talmidim Hashluchim from over 30 Yeshivos around the world to join a special Kinus featuring interesting workshops and presentations with tips and suggestions to assist them in their important Shlichus. 

This year’s Kinus began with Rabbi Leibel Schapiro addressing the group about the importance of their Shlichus. Afterward, four veteran Shluchim, Avi Baitelman, Shaya Begun, Yisroel Cohen, and Levi Shemtov shared tips from their personal experience on Shlichus.

Following that, the Shluchim received a briefing from Mendel Goldman, the director of the Vaad’s year-round programs, on all the upcoming exciting programs to look forward to throughout the year. After taking a group photo the Talmidim Hashluchim sat down and enjoyed a lavish dinner. Before leaving each Shliach was gifted a 'Sefer Yalkut Levi Yitzchak - Michtavei Hachasuna,' Compiled by Rabbi Dovid Dubov in appreciation for all their hard work.

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