Halikut Launches For Fifth Year!

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After four years of phenomenal success, Halikut is being launched by Vaad Hatmimim for its fifth consecutive year.

A unique program for Bochurim in Shiur Gimmel Mesivtas and Zals, Halikut has seen hundreds of bochurim from over 25 yeshivos learning and memorizing a full volume of Likkutei Sichos.

Revolutionary in its effectiveness on bochurim’s learning, each bochur takes three general tests which then qualify him to attend the Halikut Siyum, where the grand test is taken on all the Sichos at once. This in effect requires the Bochurim to review the Sichos many times so that they remember all the details of the entire sefer.

New to this year, the program is adding an international division, with yeshiva’s from across the globe participating.

This year hundreds of Bochurim from across the globe will thoroughly learn the 25th volume of Likkutei sichos over the next three months.

For its launch, every Yeshiva had an event featuring one of their respective Hanhala members delivering a presentation about the importance of dedicating oneself to study the Rebbe’s Torah. A special promo video was featured at the launch.

Halikut is a project of the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, for information or questions about Halikut contact [email protected]

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