Halikut Concludes With Final Competition and Siyum

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Over 300 bochurim from around the world qualified to take part in the Halikut Siyum this year, with three finalists competing for the grand prize - all of the Rebbe's Seforim.

After months of diligently studying all the Sichos of Chelek Chof Hei of Likkutei Sichos, 300 Bochurim gathered at Chabad of Great Neck, N.Y., for a full day Siyum event. 

After being greeted by a lavish spread of pastries and drinks, the Bochurim took the final test, consisting of 67 questions, testing them on the entire Sefer. Following the test, three finalists, Chaim Garelik of Toronto Yeshiva, Mendel Roth of Baltimore Zal, and Mendel Gourarie of Morristown Yeshiva, were invited on stage to prove their knowledge of the entire Sefer by Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, Rabbi Yisroel Shimon Kalmenson, both of Lahak and Rabbi Leima Wilhelm of Morristown Yeshiva, and moderated by Rabbi Moshe Gourary, Shliach to Toms River, New Jersey. The Bochur who won will receive a full set of the Rebbe’s Seforim.

The program concluded with a Banquet dinner in the presence of distinguished Rabonim and Mashpi’im, addressed by Rabbi Eli Nosson Silberberg of Chicago Mesivta. The event celebrated the Bochurim's accomplishment, encouraging them to continue in their studies. Hatomim Lazer Schapiro made a Siyum on Chelek Chof Hei, connecting the final Sicha with Yud Shevat and Basi Legani.

Special thanks were given to the organizers of the Halikut program, a project of Vaad Hatmimim led with dedication by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Altein, together with Halikut’s organizers Tzvi Alperowitz, Boruch Ceitlin, Peretz Garelik, Mendel Goldman, Berel Danow, and Mendel Azimov. Thanks were also given to all the Shluchim of each participating Yeshiva that made Halikut possible, especially Levi Katz, Berel Marazow, Berry Zirkind, Schneur Wilhelm, Mendel Goldberg, Mayer Greenberg, and Mottel Greisman for all their tireless effort.

Now concluding its fifth year, Halikut continues to revolutionize the way Bochurim learn the Rebbe’s Sichos. Many Bochurim attending the Siyum, expressed their thanks to the Halikut team for showing them their true potential in learning, understanding, and knowing the Rebbe’s Torah, remarking that they can’t wait to participate again next year.

Halikut is sponsored by Keren Meromim; Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz; Sholom & Esther Laine; The Dornbusch family – לע”נ עזריאל צבי בן מרדכי ע”ה. and by an anonymous donor לע״נ מרת חסיא בת איסר ע״ה.

The Halikut Siyum is sponsored by Reb Yossi Kazarnovsky L’iluy Nishmas his parents Reb Moshe & Liba Golda A”H Kazarnovsky

Mivtza Torah taking 770 by storm

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Each year hundreds of Israeli Bochurim make their way to the Central Chabad Yeshivah of 770 to spend a year learning in the Rebbe’s presence. The learning in 770 is always strong and diligent, but many Bochurim find it difficult to focus in the new learning setting, very different from what they are used to. 

To tackle this long standing issue, the Vaad Hatmimim teamed up with members of Hanholla in the Israeli Yeshivas, with the encouragement of the Hanholla of 770, to launch a Mivtza Torah initiative, encouraging the Bochurim to learn Gemorah by heart. The learning and atmosphere in 770 was immediately elevated to new heights and the Mivtza has seen tremendous results in the mere three weeks since its launch. 

“It is no doubt that the ‘Kol Torah’ emanating from 770 in the past few weeks has grown stronger,” said one of the organizers. “A real change can be felt in the air of 770, so many Bochurim have devoted a lot of their time to memorizing the words of Meseches Gittin, the Mesechta that the Yeshiva is learning this year,” commented another. 

Aside from the obvious spiritual gain from joining the Mivtza, the bochurim who successfully pass the tests will be awarded a cash prize of up to $180. 

Many Bochurim passed the first test with flying colors, proving that their hard work has paid off. With the second test right around the corner, the organizers are certain that the Mivtza will continue to grow with more excitement and participants and that this will cause much Nachas to the Rebbe. 

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To contribute towards this important initiative, please visit
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