Chayenu and Vaad Hatmimim team up to promote Rambam study!

Thursday, 20 April, 2023 - 10:16 am


In anticipation of the triple Siyum Harambam and the beginning of the new cycle for all three tracks of daily Rambam study, Chayenu has announced a special promotion that will discount Chayenu3 for yeshiva Bochurim around the world.

Chayenu editor, Rabbi Menachem Cohen, explains: “This promotion will encourage bochurim to take the leap and start learning 3 perakim of Rambam a day by making it easy and affordable for every single yeshiva bochur to join in the Rebbe’s takana.” A student who “pledges” to join the new cycle of 3 perakim of Rambam daily, can purchase Chayenu3 for just one dollar!

The promotion is in conjunction with the Vaad Hatmimim who will be assisting Yeshivos in obtaining this sale and rolling out an exciting learning initiative to go along with it.

With the initiative, Chayenu produced a beautiful booklet that includes a short overview of how the Takanah (initiative) of learning Rambam daily began, the importance of joining the Takanah, why learning 3 perakim a day is ideal, and the accomplishments and benefits of learning Rambam. You can find a sample of the booklet below.

This initiative is לעילוי נשמת החסיד התמים ר’ רפאל שלמה ע”ה ב”ר קלונימוס קלמן ז”ל.

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