150 Bochurim Pass First Mivtza Torah Test

Wednesday, 1 November, 2023 - 1:25 pm

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Several weeks ago, hundreds of excited Israeli Bochurim learning in 770 eagerly joined the popular Mivtza Torah initiative. Launched just last year, the initiative aimed to solve a long-standing challenge faced by many Bochurim who learn in the "Kevutza" program. Despite the strong and diligent learning environment in 770, adjusting to the new setting proved challenging for some. The Mivtza, however, has proven to improve both the learning experience and the overall atmosphere within 770 for many Bochurim.

This year’s Mivtza is off to a great start with the impressive participation of 150 Bochurim in the first test held this past Thursday. Witnessing the incredible results, the organizers expressed their hope that the number of participants only continue to grow throughout the year. Bochurim are already preparing for the second test, scheduled to take place in the coming days.

The biweekly tests cover what the Bochurim learn throughout the day, both in Nigleh and Chassidus. The Bochurim who successfully pass the tests can be awarded a cash prize of up to $180 a month! This year, as Chabad Yeshivos worldwide learn Meseches Bava Basra, Bochurim are being encouraged to master the entire Mesechta by heart. This ambitious goal involves two tests covering nearly 100 Daf of Gemorah at a time.

The program is a collaborative effort of Vaad Hatmimim and members of Hanholla in Israeli Yeshivas, with the support of 770’s Hanholla.

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