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A day-to-day peek into the events of Tishrei 5742

Thursday, 24 Tishrei, Isru Chag 5742

At 10:15, the Rebbe entered the small zal upstairs for krias hatorah, and to say the kadeishim at the end of davening.

The Rebbe went to the mikvah, and on returning told Mr. Zalman Jaffe that after Simchas Torah one must also be b’simcha. The Rebbe motioned with both of his hands to begin singing. The Rebbe told someone else: “we missed you last night!” (he had not come for kos shel brocha). He told the Rebbe that he had been sick throughout Simchas Torah. The Rebbe told him that it is forbidden to be sick on Simchas Torah.

At 2:45 the Rebbe went to the Ohel and returned at 7:00 (55 minutes after shkiah). After Mincha the Rebbe finished “rabbi chananya” loudly and said kaddish d’rabannan. Following Mincha the Rebbe told R’ Groner that Maariv will be at 9:30. Ultimately, however, the Rebbe davened earlier in Gan Eden Hatachton with a small minyan.

Today was a kinus Torah.