Throughout the years, Bochurim in the Rebbe’s Yeshivos were in a class of their own. With unparalleled energy and vigor, they embodied what a Chassid is all about; Immersed in Torah 24 hours a day, Davening,  Farbrenging, they lived on a higher plane. The entire Lubavitch, and thus the world, were affected.

For decades, the Rebbe’s presence was a prime motivator. The formative years a Bochur spent in Yeshiva were shaped by the Rebbe, molding the Bochur & impacting him for life. The Rebbe embodied holiness, Chassidus and Yiddishkeit. Just seeing him – let alone listening to his words – deeply affected those in attendance, inspiring the individuals to actualize the Rebbe’s vision of transforming the world.

Today, the physical element is missing. The visible role model and inspiration is sorely missed. Instead of clarity, a Bochur faces confusion.

Yet “Chassidim zaynen nisht elent.” The Rebbe did not leave us orphaned and leaderless, G‑d forbid, rather prepared us for this day and provided the tools we need, refining our sensitivities to connect and hold on in these difficult times. He encouraged his Chassidim to focus on the mission, and to receive guidance through his teachings, showing them how to frame their personal challenges in the context of the teachings.

To this end, the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim was created. With the advice and guidance of senior Mashpi’im and Roshei Yeshiva, the Vaad strives to bring these tools to Bochurim, providing a clear and well-founded path to hiskashrus and chassidishkeit, and raise a generation of Bochurim of whom the Rebbe will say “ראו גידולים שגדלתי”.

This is accomplished through many mediums: Presenting those Sichos that address our current situation; recreating as much as possible the atmosphere of a Farbrengen with the Rebbe; and most of all, using the Rebbe’s directives to inspire and guide bochurim today.

Our ultimate goal: educating mission-oriented Chassidim and Shluchim who will be tomorrow’s leaders, who will continue to actualize the Rebbe’s vision to perfect the world.