'Hanachos' launches for fifth year in Mesivtos across America!

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The Vaad Hatmimim, in partnership with JEM, has launched the Hanachos program for the fifth consecutive year in 20 Mesivtas across America.

The aim of the program is to prepare bochurim for Gimmel Tammuz by encouraging them to watch farbrengens of the Rebbe and summarize the Sicha in their own words. The program is designed to gradually increase in difficulty over the course of several weeks, culminating in the viewing of a thirty-minute video in the final week.

For bochurim who are not used to watching farbrengens or lengthy videos of the Rebbe, the Hanachos program serves as a valuable resource, motivating them to focus on understanding the Rebbe’s message. 

Each week, two videos of the Rebbe are shown in Yeshivah, with the length of the videos gradually increasing in duration.

Successful completion of the Hanachos program is rewarded with a prize of $50 to $100 in Kehos, depending on the level of the program. In addition, the top three bochurim with the highest marks will be awarded the complete set of Toras Menachem.

Many bochurim have expressed their gratitude for the Hanachos program, stating that it has enabled them to follow and understand farbrengens of the Rebbe for the first time. Parents and hanhala members have also praised the program for its role in involving bochurim in the Rebbe’s teachings while also helping them develop valuable skills for the future.

Hanachos is a project of the Vaad Hatmimim in partnership with JEM, directed by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Altein along with Mendel Goldman, Berel Marozov, Levi Shemtov, and Levi Bendet, the shluchim in all 20 participating Yeshivas and the JEM team led by Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin and Mendel Gourarie.

Chayenu and Vaad Hatmimim team up to promote Rambam study!


In anticipation of the triple Siyum Harambam and the beginning of the new cycle for all three tracks of daily Rambam study, Chayenu has announced a special promotion that will discount Chayenu3 for yeshiva Bochurim around the world.

Chayenu editor, Rabbi Menachem Cohen, explains: “This promotion will encourage bochurim to take the leap and start learning 3 perakim of Rambam a day by making it easy and affordable for every single yeshiva bochur to join in the Rebbe’s takana.” A student who “pledges” to join the new cycle of 3 perakim of Rambam daily, can purchase Chayenu3 for just one dollar!

The promotion is in conjunction with the Vaad Hatmimim who will be assisting Yeshivos in obtaining this sale and rolling out an exciting learning initiative to go along with it.

With the initiative, Chayenu produced a beautiful booklet that includes a short overview of how the Takanah (initiative) of learning Rambam daily began, the importance of joining the Takanah, why learning 3 perakim a day is ideal, and the accomplishments and benefits of learning Rambam. You can find a sample of the booklet below.

This initiative is לעילוי נשמת החסיד התמים ר’ רפאל שלמה ע”ה ב”ר קלונימוס קלמן ז”ל.

For more information email [email protected]

Magazine offers ‘Inside Story’ of the Rebbe’s birthday celebrations


Yud-Aleph Nissan, the Rebbe’s birthday, is a Yom Tov celebrated annually by Yidden of all backgrounds, and even by non-Jewish government leaders. But despite the uniqueness of Yud-Aleph Nissan as a Yom Tov that the Rebbe himself celebrated and shared with the Chassidim, the history of the Yom Tov though, has never been properly documented.

Was Yud-Aleph Nissan always celebrated by Chassidim? What was the Rebbe’s response to the Chassidim’s excitement? How did the various aspects of Yud-Aleph Nissan – from Yud-Aleph Nissan niggunim to Education Day – evolve?

In the fully colored 140-page, “Kulo Orah” magazine the answer to all these questions are described in detail.

The magazine opens with a spread on the ruchniyusdike significance of Yud-Aleph Nissan, as explained by the Rebbe in many Sichos.

The next chapter is dedicated to the birth of the Yom Tov, beginning from the Rebbe’s birth in 5662, the Rebbe’s Bar Mitzvah in 5675, until the first Yud-Aleph Nissan farbrengen that Chassidim celebrated with the Rebbe’s attendance in Paris, 5707.

The Yud-Aleph Nissan milestone year celebrations are described at length in the next articles: from the Maamar the Rebbe delivered for a select few on his 50th birthday in 5712, to the Tanya distribution in 5742. The magazine also features new pictures (assumingly) of the farbrengen of 5722, the Rebbe’s 60th birthday.

Extensive overviews of the Rebbe’s appreciation for Yud-Aleph Nissan guests, the Yud-Aleph Nissan niggunim, the special farbrengens attended by great Rabbonim and influential politicians, Yud-Aleph Nissan chalukos, the brocha Chassidim would give the Rebbe – and the Rebbe’s response – are covered in the magazine, as well as much more.

The “Kulo Orah” magazine features rare and unique pictures of the Rebbe from JEM’s The Living Archive, as well as kisvei yad kodesh of the Rebbe and interesting documents and pictures illustrating and bringing to life these precious Yud-Aleph Nissan moments in the Rebbe’s presence.

The magazine, which was published in honor of Yud-Aleph Nissan 120 years, was redesigned and republished again this year with many additions and was sold in 770 and at the Ohel on Yud-Aleph Nissan.

A sample of several pages from the beautiful magazine can be seen below:

Record Number of Tank Parades Conquer North America!

The new ‘Kulo Orah’ magazine highlights the Mivtzoim efforts in Yeshivos in honor of Yud-Aleph Nissan, including the record-breaking eight tank parades organized across North America! Plus: an exclusive interview Farbrengen with Rabbi Moshe Herson, head Shliach to New Jersey.

25 Adar Kulo Orah Online-01.png 

Whether you live in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, New Haven, Morristown, or Toronto, chances are you encountered the iconic Mitzvah Tanks parading through the streets, providing Shmura Matzah and an opportunity to do a Mitzvah on the go. 

At the Shabbos Farbrengen on Erev Yud-Aleph Nissan 5732, the Rebbe spoke about the importance of going on Mivtzoim: “Regarding the upcoming Sunday [Yud-Aleph Nissan], which is a special day in its own right [my day]—certainly everyone will participate in Mivtza Tefillin, and those that will take upon themselves to put on Tefillin will receive at my expense a pair of Tefillin as a gift.”

Indeed, many times throughout the years we saw the Rebbe use his birthday as a springboard for an increase in the Mivtzoim. On that note, every year Yud-Aleph Nissan is celebrated by reaching out to Yidden and giving them the opportunity to study Torah or do a Mitzvah. Most notably through the Mitzvah Tanks, which parade across the world encouraging Yidden to step up and do a mitzvah. This year more than ever, especially standing in a year of Hakhel, bochurim are stepping up to the plate and increasing in their activities of Mivtzoim in honor of Yud-Aleph Nissan!

In the third installment of the acclaimed ‘Kulo Orah’ magazine, the Vaad Hatmimim continue to present a taste of the beautiful initiatives that have been launched recently in Yeshivos as a preparation for Yud-Aleph Nissan. This issue details the Peulos of Hafatzas Hamayonos and Hafatzas Hayahadus happening in Yeshivos, with a special highlight on the first-ever Mitzvah tank parades taking place across America. 

The magazine also features a special Farbrengen with Rabbi Moshe Herson, head Shliach to the state of New Jersey, titled “אתה בחרתנו,” where he shares his memories of the Rebbe and imparts words of inspiration for Yud-Aleph Nissan.

Some more highlight: an overview of the subtitled Farbrengens on Yud-Aleph Nissan, and Excerpts from the Diary of a Bochur on Yud-Aleph Nissan 5744.

Click here to view or download the magazine.



Close to 1000 Bochurim to Unite for Shabbos at the Ohel

As Chassidim worldwide are counting down the days until the Rebbe’s birthday on Yud-Alef Nissan, Vaad Hatmimim is preparing to host over 500 Bochurim for a grand Shabbos near the Rebbe’s Ohel. 

Announced a few short weeks ago at the Live Kinus Hakhel for Chabad Yeshivos, the Vaad Hatmimim has arranged a special Shabbos program in preparation for Yud-Alef Nissan near the Rebbe’s Ohel, taking care of all the physical and spiritual needs of any Bochur who wishes to join. Close to 1000 Bochurim took advantage of this offer and will be spending an uplifting Shabbos with their classmates and Mashpi’im.

Some of the jam-packed programming to take place from Friday afternoon through Sunday include Shiurim in Chassidus and Nigleh and Chassidishe Farbrengens delivered by notable Maggidei Shiurim and Mahpi’im and split by grades to ensure more of an effective and pleasant experience for Bochurim on every level. In the spirit of Hakhel, many joint learning sessions and Kinusim will also take place over Shabbos. This is all in addition to the excellent sleeping accommodations in close proximity to the Ohel and around-the-clock Farbeisin and meals graciously provided for the Bochurim.

The following Mashpi’im and Shluchim will be taking part in the Shabbos: Rabbi’s Chaim Shaul Brook, Yisroel Deren, Yosef Klyne, Shmaya Shmotkin, Mendel Scharf, Leima Wilhelm, and Moshe Wolberg.

Talmidim Hashluchim have reported that Bochurim are eagerly anticipating an exciting Hakhel-spirited Shabbos spent in the Rebbe’s presence following weeks of preparation for this most joyous day. Many are still raving about last year's successful ‘Kulo Orah’ event in Crown Heights. 

The following Yeshivos are joining the program: 770, Arizona, Baltimore, Beit Shemesh, Chicago, Coral Springs, Detroit, LA - Mesivta, LA - Zal, Monsey - Mesivta, Morristown, New Haven - Mesivta, Nyack, Oholei Torah - Zal, Toronto - Mesivta, and Tzfas - Mesivta.


Short: Bochurim celebrate at the 11 Nissan 5782 'Kulo Orah' event


Inside the Hakhel Activities in Yeshivos Worldwide

Marking 15 days until the Rebbe’s 121st birthday on Yud-Alef Nissan, Vaad Hatmimim published the second edition of the acclaimed ‘Kulo Orah’ magazine, this month highlighting the Hakhel activities taking place in Yeshivos around the world. 

In addition to the timely and inspirational content related to Yud-Alef Nissan, the bi-weekly ‘Kulo Orah’ magazine features a unique column covering a specific category of Hachanos and Matanos taking place in Yeshivos worldwide in anticipation of this joyous day; the second issue explores activities in connection with Shnas Hakhel.

Learning the Rebbe’s Maamorim Ba’al Peh in Chicago Mesivta, a weekly Hakhel Seder Sichos uniting the Bochurim of the Mesivta and Zal in Toronto, ‘Hakhel Hachlatos’ in LA Mesivta, and watching the Rebbe’s Farbrengens every morning in Detroit Mesivta, are just some of the ways that Yeshivos around the world are commemorating Hakhel throughout the year. 

The magazine also maps out the evolution of the Yud-Alef Nissan celebrations with the Rebbe throughout the years in 770, describing the build-up and development that led to its global recognition and celebration. Additionally, it includes a short Farbrengen with Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, Mashpia in the central Yeshivah of 770, on the significance of traveling to be with the Rebbe on this joyous occasion and the effect it can have on your life, as well as excerpts from the diary of a Bochur from Yud-Alef Nissan 5746, gracefully fill the remainder of the pages. 

To supplement the magazine, the editors included a write-up and overview of this historic and special Hakhel and Hachana for Yud-Alef Nissan that took place last week between all the Chabad Mesivtos, with the goal of further inspiring bochurim, including those who may have not participated live during the actual event.

Click here to download the second issue of the Kulo Orah Magazine. 

Click here to download the Live Hakhel supplement.

Back issues of the Kulo Orah magazine can be found here

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Mesivtos Unite To Prepare For Yud-Alef Nissan

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Over ten Chabad Mesivtos around the world gathered this Sunday for a live Kinus Hakhel on Zoom in preparation for Yud-Aleph Nissan. The half-hour program featured Rabbi Mendel Scharf of Detroit Mesivta, and Rabbi Yisroel Altein of Pittsburgh Mesivta, who addressed the Bochurim regarding Hakhel and how to best prepare for Yud-Aleph Nissan. Additionally, two Bochurim, Berel Lipskar of Monsey Mesivta, and Mendel Preiger of Miami Mesivta, shared a short piece from a Sicha of the Rebbe on those topics. 

The program concluded with an announcement from the directors of Vaad Hatmimim describing the special arrangements being planned for the Shabbos before Yud-Alef Nissan at the Rebbe’s Ohel. From accommodations to exclusive Farbrengens and Shiruim from notable Mashpi’im, any Bochur who wishes to spend the Shabbos at the Ohel, will be well taken care of.

As a special Teshurah from the event, the Bochurim received the first issue of the acclaimed Kulo Orah magazine which first appeared last year in connection with the Rebbe’s 120th birthday. This year’s bi-weekly magazines will feature a special column covering a specific category of Hachanos and Matanos taking place in Yeshivos around the world; the first issue explores the various gifts of Torah being prepared by Bochurim in multiple Yeshivos. Future issues will cover Hakhel gatherings, extra Mivtzoim, and other Matanos being prepared throughout the world.

Each issue also includes fresh and inspirational content from Yud-Aleph Nissan throughout the years in 770 with the Rebbe and an interview with a different Chossid, sharing personal experiences and stories connected with the magazine's theme.

The first issue can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here

The participating Mesvitos were: Mesivta Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Detroit, Yeshivas Ohr Eliyahu Chicago, Mesivta of Postville, Miami Klurman Mesivta, Mesivta Mayan HaTorah Pomona, Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey, Mesivta of Coral Springs, Mesivta Arizona, Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Chabad - LA Mesivta, Mesivta Ohr Temimim Toronto.


Click here for a gallery of photos.

Kulo Orah Issue 1 (4)

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The acclaimed Kulo Orah magazine which first appeared last year in connection with the Rebbe’s 120th birthday, has returned!

This year’s bi-weekly magazines feature a special column covering a specific category of Hachanos and Matanos taking place in Yeshivos around the world, the first issue exploring the various gifts of Torah being prepared by Bochurim in multiple Yeshivos. Future issues will cover Hakhel gatherings, extra Mivtzoim, and other Matanos being prepared throughout the world.

Each issue also includes fresh and inspirational content from Yud-Alef Nissan throughout the years in 770 with the Rebbe and an interview with a different Chossid, sharing personal experiences and stories connected with the theme of the magazine.

The first issue can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

בית חיינו - קצג - תרומה

First of many Global Seder Sichos

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As part of the new Global Hakhel Seder Sichos initiative launched by Vaad Hatmimim at the 19th Annual Kinus Hatmimim, Yeshivos across the globe united through learning the Rebbe’s Torah.

Just a few short weeks ago, over a thousand bochurim joined together in Crown Heights for the 19th Annual Kinus Hatmimim. The program entailed a grand Hakhel Seder Sichos, where all the Bochurim learned the same Sicha of the Rebbe. After that, the Bochurim were addressed by prominent Mashpi’im regarding the importance of Hakhel and learning the Rebbe’s Torah.

In continuation to this great Hakhel, the Vaad Hatmimim in conjunction with the Talmidim Hashluchim in each yeshivah arranged a unique Seder Sichos initiative. The worldwide community of Bochurim, each in their respective locations, united through learning the Rebbe's Torah, all learning the same Sicha. 

At the first Seder Sichos, held in proximity to Chof Beis Shevat, over 25 Yeshivas learned the same Sicha together, each in their corner of the world. 

In each yeshivah, prizes were raffled off for all the bochurim that participated.

These Hakhel Seder Sichos will be held bi-weekly. 

For a gallery of photos, click here >>> 


Tomchei Bochurim to Include Americans Learning in 770

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Over the past three years, Tomchei Bochurim, a project of Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim Haolami, has provided Bochurim who come to New York to spend a year learning in the Rebbe’s presence with the most basic of physical needs. From a warm coat during the winter months, to a new hat before Yomtov, and everything in between, Keren Tomchei Bochurim puts the well-being of the Bochurim first. 

The financial worry a Bochur can carry with him is often overwhelming. Imagine the peace of mind afforded to a needy Bochur when something as mundane and necessary as shampoo is taken care of.

Vaad Hatmimim is now pleased to announce that for the first time ever, new hats for Pesach at subsidized pricing will also be available for the American Bochurim learning in 770. This is just one step toward the ultimate goal of providing for Bochurim around the world.

“A Bochur needs to know he has someone to turn to,” said Rabbi Tzvi Altein, director of the Vaad Hatmimim. “The goal we had in mind when creating Tomchei Bochurim, was that every Bochur should know that there are people looking after him and caring for his needs.

To find out more information, or request to join the program, email [email protected]

You can participate in this project by clicking the link below and donating generously to

The 19th Annual Kinus Hatmimim Haolami

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Thousands of Bochurim joined together in Oholei Torah for the 19th annual Kinus Hatmimim hosted by the Vaad Hatmimim Haolami

Every year, as thousands of Bochurim from over 50 Yeshivos flock to New York for Yud Shevat, the Vaad Hatmimim Haolami hosts a special Kinus Hatmimim, uniting all the Bochurim to hear uplifting words to last them through the next few months of Yeshivah. 

This year, the 19th annual Kinus Hatmimim took a new spin, inviting the Bochurim to a grand Seder Sichos in honor of Hakhel. A true spirit of unity was felt in the room, as groups of Bochurim sat down with their friends and classmates, all learning the same Sicha. 

After a 45-minute learning period, the Bochurim were addressed by a Mashpia and showed a special video presentation connected to Yud Shevat. The Bochurim of Mesivta were addressed by Rabbi Levi Tiechtel of Monsey Mesivta in the Oholei Torah Ballroom and the Bochurim of Zal were addressed by Rabbi Shloime Kaplan of Oholei Torah in the Oholei Torah Zal. 

Before the Bochurim made their way to one of the many Farbrengens set up to follow the event, a special Hakhel initiative was announced. Starting in two weeks on Chof Beis Shevat, a global Seder Sichos will take place, joined by over 50 Yeshivos, with the singular purpose of uniting Bochurim around the world in learning the same Sicha.

With tremendous feedback from Bochurim and Hanholla members alike, the Kinus Hatmimim was a huge success, empowering the Bochurim as they return to Yeshivah to continue their learning. 

For a gallery of photos, click here >>>

Halikut Concludes With Final Competition and Siyum

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Over 300 bochurim from around the world qualified to take part in the Halikut Siyum this year, with three finalists competing for the grand prize - all of the Rebbe's Seforim.

After months of diligently studying all the Sichos of Chelek Chof Hei of Likkutei Sichos, 300 Bochurim gathered at Chabad of Great Neck, N.Y., for a full day Siyum event. 

After being greeted by a lavish spread of pastries and drinks, the Bochurim took the final test, consisting of 67 questions, testing them on the entire Sefer. Following the test, three finalists, Chaim Garelik of Toronto Yeshiva, Mendel Roth of Baltimore Zal, and Mendel Gourarie of Morristown Yeshiva, were invited on stage to prove their knowledge of the entire Sefer by Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, Rabbi Yisroel Shimon Kalmenson, both of Lahak and Rabbi Leima Wilhelm of Morristown Yeshiva, and moderated by Rabbi Moshe Gourary, Shliach to Toms River, New Jersey. The Bochur who won will receive a full set of the Rebbe’s Seforim.

The program concluded with a Banquet dinner in the presence of distinguished Rabonim and Mashpi’im, addressed by Rabbi Eli Nosson Silberberg of Chicago Mesivta. The event celebrated the Bochurim's accomplishment, encouraging them to continue in their studies. Hatomim Lazer Schapiro made a Siyum on Chelek Chof Hei, connecting the final Sicha with Yud Shevat and Basi Legani.

Special thanks were given to the organizers of the Halikut program, a project of Vaad Hatmimim led with dedication by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Altein, together with Halikut’s organizers Tzvi Alperowitz, Boruch Ceitlin, Peretz Garelik, Mendel Goldman, Berel Danow, and Mendel Azimov. Thanks were also given to all the Shluchim of each participating Yeshiva that made Halikut possible, especially Levi Katz, Berel Marazow, Berry Zirkind, Schneur Wilhelm, Mendel Goldberg, Mayer Greenberg, and Mottel Greisman for all their tireless effort.

Now concluding its fifth year, Halikut continues to revolutionize the way Bochurim learn the Rebbe’s Sichos. Many Bochurim attending the Siyum, expressed their thanks to the Halikut team for showing them their true potential in learning, understanding, and knowing the Rebbe’s Torah, remarking that they can’t wait to participate again next year.

Halikut is sponsored by Keren Meromim; Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz; Sholom & Esther Laine; The Dornbusch family – לע”נ עזריאל צבי בן מרדכי ע”ה. and by an anonymous donor לע״נ מרת חסיא בת איסר ע״ה.

The Halikut Siyum is sponsored by Reb Yossi Kazarnovsky L’iluy Nishmas his parents Reb Moshe & Liba Golda A”H Kazarnovsky

Mivtza Torah taking 770 by storm

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Each year hundreds of Israeli Bochurim make their way to the Central Chabad Yeshivah of 770 to spend a year learning in the Rebbe’s presence. The learning in 770 is always strong and diligent, but many Bochurim find it difficult to focus in the new learning setting, very different from what they are used to. 

To tackle this long standing issue, the Vaad Hatmimim teamed up with members of Hanholla in the Israeli Yeshivas, with the encouragement of the Hanholla of 770, to launch a Mivtza Torah initiative, encouraging the Bochurim to learn Gemorah by heart. The learning and atmosphere in 770 was immediately elevated to new heights and the Mivtza has seen tremendous results in the mere three weeks since its launch. 

“It is no doubt that the ‘Kol Torah’ emanating from 770 in the past few weeks has grown stronger,” said one of the organizers. “A real change can be felt in the air of 770, so many Bochurim have devoted a lot of their time to memorizing the words of Meseches Gittin, the Mesechta that the Yeshiva is learning this year,” commented another. 

Aside from the obvious spiritual gain from joining the Mivtza, the bochurim who successfully pass the tests will be awarded a cash prize of up to $180. 

Many Bochurim passed the first test with flying colors, proving that their hard work has paid off. With the second test right around the corner, the organizers are certain that the Mivtza will continue to grow with more excitement and participants and that this will cause much Nachas to the Rebbe. 

For more information, email [email protected]

To contribute towards this important initiative, please visit
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An overwhelming 750 bochurim from across 25 American Yeshivas took the first Halikut test this Sunday.

Now in its fifth year, Halikut has raised the bar for Likkutei Sichos learning among thousands of Bochurim, through its intense learning regimen and scrutinizing tests.

A record 90% of English-speaking Lubavitcher Bochurim between Shiur gimmel mesivta and shiur beis zal will be studying Cheilek Chof Hei of Likkutei Sichos this winter.

Unique in its learning regimen, Halikut is styled for the participants to come out knowing the full sefer virtually by heart, at the end of the four months taking a scrutinizing test on all of the material.

Halikut is a project of Vaad Hatmimim led with dedication by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Altein, together with Halikut’s organizers Mendel Goldman and Berel Danow

For more information please contact [email protected]

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