Tomchei Bochurim


    Keren Tomchei Bochurim, a program established and run by Vaad Hatmimim, helps needy bochurim in 770 with the most basic of physical needs. 

    From a warm coat during the winter months, to a new hat before Yomtov, and everything in between, Keren Tomchei Bochurim puts the wellbeing of Bochurim first. 

    The unfortunate reality is, so many young bochurim who come to 770 to learn in the Daled Amos of the Rebbe, quite literally spend their very last dollars just getting here. 

    The financial worry a Bochur can carry with him is often overwhelming, which is why Keren Tomchei Bochurim was established. 

    Imagine the peace of mind that is afforded to a needy Bochur when something as mundane as shampoo is taken care of. 

    Indeed, bochurim come to 770 to learn, and to grow in their Chassidishkeit and hiskashrus. 

    Keren Tomchei Bochurim is just another way Vaad Hatmimim is there for Today’s Bochur. 

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