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Sicha 3 and 5 (Entire video)

Sicha 3: Every living thing must grow!

Sicha 5: Lessons from Sefiras HaOmer.







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Fill out the quick quiz on the Sicha and enter into today's raffle on a set of ספר המאמרים - תורת מנחם 

Deadline: Tuesday, 6 Nissan, 6:00PM 

 Winner from Monday (Yud Alef Nissan 5741): Fuli Markel from Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh

Winner from Sunday (Yud Alef Nissan 5732): Mendy Zwiebel from Yeshivas Toras Emes

Winner from Motzei Shabbos (Yud Alef Nissan 5722): Yossi Cohen from Oholei Torah Zal


Zichronos by Rabbi Alter Tenenbaum 




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